Atlanta Web Design Services to Attract Your Best Customers

We are curretly rebranding to expand our digital services. Please visit our new site at to see more of what we have to offer.

Our simple website design system starts by capturing what makes your product or service the ideal choice in the marketplace, and communicates it in a way that attracts your best prospects and customers… empowering you to increase sales.

4 basic website design options

  • Brochure Web Sites – websites having the goal of providing information.
  • Lead Generation & Sales Web Sites – websites that attract your best prospects, generate qualified leads, and simplify the selling process.
  • Ecommerce Web Sites – sites with an emphasis of generating sales and driving revenue; driven by databases and shopping carts.
  • Blogs & Social Networking Sites – the best of web 2.0 where interaction and building community is the focus. If you build rapport and relationship, closing sales and generating positive cashflow becomes easy.

This Atlanta web design company understands the urgent need for your website to boost your bottom line. We get it done with this 8 step system:

  1. Discovery - We “get under the hood of your business” to understand what you want and need.
  2. Market research – prospective buyers shop and compare before buying. Our research reveals your weak points, and opportunities to seize so you can position your company to dominate the market.
  3. Keyword research –  success online starts with hand-picking keywords that usher buyers instead of tire-kickers into your business. We’ll identify the words and phrases that get you found online and make you money.
  4. Website Usability – if the look and feel of your website is clumsy… people won’t hang around. We’ll optimize things like web site navigation, color choices, fonts, page background, whitespace on the page, and how fast your site loads, providing a more enjoyable user experience so they stick around longer.
  5. Writing SEO Content – content is king when it comes to designing websites that work. You need content that gives people and search engines what they want. Our writers know how to tell your story to improve ranking and sales.
  6. A Website Marketing Plan – a great looking site that doesn’t get found is a no-no. We’ll put together a strategic plan to drive targeted traffic from the moment we launch your site.
  7. Email Marketing – marketing on autopilot makes your life a lot easier. By leveraging the power of autoresponders to build strong relationships, you can build a loyal tribe of followers… almost on autopilot… while you focus on what you do best.
  8. 120 days of Testing & Tracking – we’ll boost your conversion rate with tiny tweaks along the way. Doing this will leave your competitors in the dust because most businesses fail to engage this strategy.

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